The GOONFISH™️ Is the Worlds FIRST Fish Kicker That Moves On Its Own! (Patent Pending)

Making it a fun new experience for your cat!


The GOONFISH™️ Comes with an USB recharging so you can easily charge it from your Phone Charger, Laptops, Consoles And More! 

NO More Wasting Batteries!


Kicks Just Like a REAL Fish When Touched. Stops Itself When Left Alone! 

Saving energy for a more enjoyable play time!


Cat Safe Velcro Pocket is Easy to Refill with Catnip Over and Over Again!

It's a plant that calms cats' moods, stimulates their appetites & attracts their attention.


The cat just loves it, man! I've got three cats, one carries it around with him, one hugs and sleeps with him like a pillow, and the other just steals it from the other and kicks the crap out of it LOL. I bought 6 and gave it to family members, and they love it too! Great fun to play with the cats. I would recommend this to any cats! Oh, thank you, Goonfish

Alex F.

This moving fish entertain my cats on and off for hours. In particular, I like that the movement of fish is not regular and repetitive. Just when the cat has completely subdued the fish, it will start to wiggle again, excellent product!

Mark. T

It's a nice toy, and it's moving pretty realistically. Very simple charge, just plug-in the included cord and you can use one of the charging devices that you already use for your phone. My cat seems to love it.

Anna D.